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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024, we’re celebrating the power of self-care, personal growth, and the importance of creating unforgettable experiences. We asked four women who have stayed at Urban Pumpkin to share  their heartfelt tales on how their stay contributed to their wellbeing, personal journey and leisure habits. 

We spoke with Joyce Imiegha, a PR & Comms Professional based in the UK; Mayowa Ojeshina, Founder, Ballonstop and Co-Founder, LamisFlorals; Treasure Okure, a Content Marketer and Student, and Keji Folawiyo, a Florist and Founder, Joie Fleur.

Urban Pumpkin

How did your stay inspire you to connect with yourself or others in a meaningful way? Did you embrace the city in a whole new light? If you did, tell us how. Share a big or small heartfelt story of your stay at Urban Pumpkin.

Joyce Imiegha

PR & Comms Professional

Joyce Imiegha
“My stay at Urban Pumpkin was a pleasant experience. The moment I stepped into the apartment, I knew it’d serve as a proper escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of Lagos — as I had not been in Lagos for almost a year and dreaded the chaos I’d experience during my 2-week visit. 

The apartment was cozy and inviting, with tasteful decor and amenities that made me feel right at home. Throughout my stay, I hardly felt the need to be out and about the city because of how comfy it was to stay in. That in itself was a lot of self-care for me as I didn’t have to move about the city. I gladly hosted my guests at the apartment who were equally impressed with the space and serenity. 

The staff at Urban Pumpkin were exceptionally friendly and accommodating and made sure that all my needs were met promptly. I would highly recommend Urban Pumpkin to anyone looking for a serene and beautiful place to stay in Lagos”.

Mayowa Ojeshina

Balloon Artist & Florist

Mayowa Ojeshina

“My experience at Urban Pumpkin was really fun. I had a mini girls’ night for me and two of my friends. One of my friends was leaving the country and we spent a few nights together bonding, watching movies, drinking wine and just generally having a good time. I couldn’t think of a better place to have this moment with my friends.

I was able to connect with them and gather memories seeing as one of them would be away for quite some time. I would cherish those moments for the longest period. My Urban Pumpkin home truly felt like home. It was cozy, very relaxing and I love the interior of all the Urban Pumpkin homes I’ve seen.

I could tell that someone put a lot of effort and thoughts into making me feel comfortable and making my stay very memorable and relaxing. I loved the intentionality. It was evident in almost everything in the home. 

One of the highlights of my Urban Pumpkin home and stay was the bed. It was so soft and lush and the home smelled so amazing. Everything was superb. I didn’t exactly connect with the city much because we really just wanted to get away from the city’s noise and have a great time. I really really loved my experience there and I can’t wait to be back”

Treasure Okure

Content Marketer & Student

Urban Pumpkin International Women's Day

“My stay really inspired me to connect with myself in a meaningful way from a place of rest. The period where I stayed at my Urban Pumpkin home was legitimately the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. I had three events at the same time that I played key roles in and I was really stressed.

I remember having that space for about two weeks and it gave me the much needed relaxation, refreshment and sleep at that point in time. Lagos is a very busy city. There’s always something going on. For someone like me who works in tech and is also a student, it can be very hard to find places that inspire me to genuinely connect with myself in a restful way.

That week that I spent there gave me the peace I needed to connect with myself. It was a combination of everything for me. The home felt airy, spacious and peaceful, like an actual getaway in a city that is so full of noise. 

I wasn’t particularly interested in exploring the city from my Urban Pumpkin home. I just wanted to be home. I remember a few times I connected with my friends. We had a fun day exploring art galleries and going to a party. Other than that, I really just wanted to be indoor playing Mortal Kombat and eating Yam and egg. It was so fun. 

I was there with my team. The experience was provided for by my boss, and because of how peaceful and non intrusive it was, we were able to truly connect with each other in a way that felt like family and home. We were a small group so we were able to sit together, play games, watch K-drama together, eat together and work together. I think that was very unique and I don’t think there are a lot of spaces that will provide that experience. I feel like that speaks to the importance of having unique experiences. The place was crafted to feel like home and that’s why we were able to do so many things from there and still maintain our organic union. It was a beautiful experience for me”.

Keji Folawiyo

Florist and Founder, Joie Fleur

Urban Pumpkin

“Urban Pumpkin holds a special place in my Lagos story.  I essentially launched my business Joie Fleur during my stay there. Dahlia felt like home for me, the interior decor and setup  was very modern, cozy and welcoming. 

Dahlia was a safe & quiet space to rest & recuperate before the hustle and bustle associated with running a business in Lagos. I also took a lot of beautiful pictures in my Urban Pumpkin home, it was great for aesthetics and I loved it. My friends and I created a lot of unforgettable memories during our stay there that I would forever cherish”.

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is “Inspire Inclusion”. At Urban Pumpkin, we believe inclusion is key to a thriving community. Strong women change the world, and sometimes, the biggest change starts with prioritizing yourself

In commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day, Urban Pumpkin has created an exclusive discount for women throughout March at any of our vacation homes in Lagos.

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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

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International Women’s Day: Four Inspiring Tales From Urban Pumpkin Women

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