Pumpkin Tales: Lagos Living with Ihunanya

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We spoke to Ihunanya M., a Healthcare Administrator for a global health system, who recently visited Lagos, Nigeria, and explored the city from her Urban Pumpkin home, Dahlia. Ihunanya described her experience as rejuvenating and has quite interesting takes and tips on visiting Lagos, Nigeria.

Tell us about yourself and what inspired your trip to Lagos, Nigeria.

IM: Hi, my name is Ihunanya M. and I desired a change of environment and needed to shake my winter blues, so Lagos was the perfect choice!

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your time in Lagos?

IM: My favorite thing about Lagos is the people! Everyone I met during my trip had their own unique style, story, and trait that had me wanting to know more. My least favorite thing is the traffic – traffic at 8pm on a Friday evening is crazy to me!

We agree! What are your must-visit places in Lagos and why?


Maple – It’s my favorite place for lunch! The location is convenient, service is great, and there are so many yummy options.

Zaza – It’s always a great time and I love the variety of performances!

RSVP – My mouth is still watering thinking about the seafood pasta I had when I went. 

Mako – A good spot to get drinks, catch up with friends, and catch a chill vibe. 

Describe your ideal way to spend a perfect day exploring Lagos.

IM: I would start the day by heading to pilates at Oma the Spa followed up by a massage. To refuel post-workout, I would head to Brisk for brunch with friends. We would then head to an art exhibition where I can daydream about all the artwork I would want in my future home. When the evening rolls around, we would head to RSVP for dinner. I would then end my day with a glass of wine and Netflix in my Urban Pumpkin home!

Sounds really perfect! Did you discover any new favorite spots in Lagos during your trip?

IM: I went to Slow for the first time and it lived up to the hype. Their calamari is the perfect starter – I can’t wait to order it again the next time I visit!

What’s your all-time tip to anyone visiting Lagos?

IM: Living in Lagos is not difficult – it’s the traffic and fragmented infrastructure that create the learning curve. Be prepared for any and every thing. You never know what a new day will bring, so you always have to be ready to pivot!

How do you create moments of self-care?

IM: I am someone who cherishes her routines, especially my night time routine. I find that having this set time to myself each day allows me the time to decompress and slow down – something I may not have had the chance to do during my day. 

What’s your must-have travel essential?

IM: Topicals Slick Salve

Share your most played song at your Urban Pumpkin home.

IM: Hypé by Aya Nakamura

What’s something that inspired you during your recent stay at Urban Pumpkin?

IM: The artwork and interior design of the space were my favorite aspects. The ambience created in the space made my stay in the city even better and offered an escape from the outside world.

Did anything specific about your Urban Pumpkin home make you feel particularly comfortable and welcome?

I appreciated how responsive, kind, and helpful the team was. No matter how big or small the ask, they were always there for us.

Which Urban Pumpkin Home would you like to try next and why?

IM: Bamboo – It’s another home with a stunning interior with gorgeous views of Lagos. 

What’s something you love about staying at Urban Pumpkin?

IM: The homes all have their own personality inspired by the neighborhoods they are situated in.

Feeling inspired? Explore Lagos from your Urban Pumpkin home.

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Pumpkin Tales: Lagos Living with Ihunanya

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Pumpkin Tales: Lagos Living with Ihunanya

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Pumpkin Tales: Lagos Living with Ihunanya

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